Covirco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Softgels 180 Capsules


    • Approved by Health Sciences Authority of Singapore (HSA) to sell freely in Singapore.
    • Certified organic virgin coconut oil sourced from Sri Lanka.
    • Ideal for strengthening body resistance and maintenance.
    • Easy for children to consume in lower dosage.
    • Bovine softgel preserves the essence of the extracted nutrients from oxidation, degradation and keeping the oil fresh.
    • It serves as an embryo that retains the endospermic effect to readily discharge the nutrients in the digestive tract for body cells absorption. The easy and quick assimilation of nutrients readily dispense stamina and energy.
    • Softgels are very portable in pills container and convenient when travelling.
    • Convenient to break softgel to apply oil on chapped lips, insect bites, rashes, cuts, bruises, light burns, etc.
    • Certified USDA-NOP Organic & Halal.



Each softgel capsule contains 500mg pure organic virgin coconut oil and 300mg bovine gelatine.

Recommended usage :

  • Adults : 6-8 Softgels daily after food.
  • Children : 2-4 softgels daily after food.

  1. For Health: Please insist on “Traditional Medicine” or “Health Supplement” labelled on the box.
  2. For Culinary purposes (Cooking) : Product label does not state “Traditional Medicine”or “Health Supplement” although the description says “Virgin Coconut Oil” with printed nutritional information. This is basically an edible oil for culinary purposes.
  3. Organic VCO is a nutraceutical (food, or parts of a food that provide medical or health benefits including the prevention and treatment of disease).
  4. Only Organic VCO has the endospermic effects (means “Alive”).
  5. Organic VCO has the highest source of fatty acids such as Lauric, Caprylic, Capric, Capriolic and Myristic acids to protect us from diseases.
  6. The appearance of pure organic VCO is clear & transparent like water with natural freshness of coconut aroma and free of sediment.


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